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Quinn (They/She)

Illustrator and tattooer @void.industry.

Person of trans and neurodivergent experience.

I am Bloodborne Pathogen certified.

I am an underground artist and creative that strives to make spaces comfortable, safe, and inclusive. I do not use social media and I believe it has cultivated a toxic capitalist culture. Determination of who is successful has been handed over to mega corps via the requirement to buy ad space. Tattooers seek to weaponize queer culture to take money from marginalized people. Tattooing must return to its roots: a community practice for reclaiming bodies. Here you will find community practice. My tattoos are Pay What You Want and I am open to trades.


I advertise my services in a very limited way and operate primarily on word of mouth which helps ensure my art finds it's way to those who it is meant for: goths, punks, ravers, artists, queers, freaks, and other subversive clients.

Void Industry takes its inspiration from technopaganism, the occult, rave culture, societal collapse, ecological suffering and resilience, post-punk, avant-garde industrial and experimental music scene of the 80's and 90's. These are meant as a protective ward for the individual person, thus, designs are generally not repeatable unless otherwise posted (i.e. symbology). The style is purposefully ragged and worn.


If you are interested in booking for a design, please take note of which flashbook the design is in and the reference number on tattoo flash (i.e. Occult Book, 113) and use the booking form below. Most drawings are drawn to be 4x4+ inches in size. New flash added every month, so check back regularly. Requests possible depending on if it is compatible with my style.

Guest spots:

Current Bookings (BOOKING FORM BELOW):

Primary home studio: Goth Spa (Montreal)


2023 May, Vancouver - @thebrassirisstudio

2023 February, Toronto - FULL @Easy Does It Tattoo

2022 December, Victoria - FULL

2022 November, Vancouver - FULL @the_playgroundstudio

2022 Aug-Oct, Montreal - FULL @pixdessine Private Studio

2022 July, Calgary - FULL @Private Studio

2022 May, Victoria - FULL @thebrassirisstudio

2022 April, Montreal - FULL @swirlyhouse



I look forward to creating something with you.

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Booking Form

Please fill out the form to book a tattoo session:

Availability: Week Day
Availability: Weekend

Thanks for submitting! This form helps me a lot. Even if it looks like the form did not send, it probably did! Give me a few days to get back to you.

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