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A Repository of the Avante-garde Underground

A R T  + A R T I S A N
Montreal - Tattoo, Illustration, Painting, Ceramicist, Alchemist, Scholar
Montreal - Tattoo, Illustration, Graphic Design, Poet, Artisan, Alchemist, Scholar
Vancouver - Tattoo, Illustration, Tea Sommelier, Antique Dealer
Montreal - Tattoo, Illustration, Logo, Writing, Engraving, Music
Montreal - Chandler
Montreal - Candles, Ceramic Offering Dishes, Soap, Bath Salts, Ritual Ephemera
Montreal - Clothier
New York - Perfumer
Oregon - Illustration, Prints, Tarot Reading, Incense
Vancouver - Transdisciplinary Artist
Montreal - Archive Project
M u s i c i a n 
Montreal -  Live: Metal, Dark Ambient, Ritual
Montreal - Live: Ambient, Electronic, Tape Loops
Montreal - Live: Experimental, Noise
Montreal - DJ/Live: Electronic, Techno
Montreal - Live
Montreal - DJ: Dark Ambient, Electonic, Industrial, Techno
New York - Live: EBM
Montreal - Live: Ambient, Chill, Downtempo, Electronic
Montreal - Live: Experimental, Ritual Ambient, Ambient, Electronic, Noise
New York - Live: Electronic, Techno
P H O T O G R A P H Y + S E R V I C E
Montreal - Photography: Weddings, Private, Portrait, Dark Scenes, Landscape, Prints
Montreal - Writer: Biography, Art Profile, Musician Profile, Editing
Montreal - Photography/Videography: Dark Scenes, Landscape, Prints
New York - Graphic Designer

All creatives are added to this archive by consent.

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