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Welcome! This is a little website to find info about booking with me, and who I am.


My email list will consist of booking info, new flash, guest spot info, and other interesting bits. It means we don’t have to depend on social media to communicate.


My name is Eva B (they/them), and I have been tattooing since 2010. I learned to tattoo when i was at art school in Nova Scotia, and gained momentum on early instagram. It has been my full time job since 2014. I have always done handpoked tattoos and my style has evolved to fit this medium. I am inspired by the esoteric, darkness, and the tenaciousness of flora and fauna. I believe each handpoked tattoo is a protection spell. I have lived in BC and Halifax, and current reside in Montreal. I have done guest spots in NYC, Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki,  Calgary, Toronto and many other places and hope to return - sign up for the email list to keep updated! When I am not tattooing, I ride horses (I am working on 4th level dressage) and enjoy travelling, hiking, making ceramics and various forms of illustrative work and crafting.

I book via Email! I can be reached at  horseforest AT protonmail DOT com 


What to include in your email:  

- if you are looking for flash or custom - if it is flash, send a screenshot, if it is custom you can send references. Pictures of my previous work and photographs are more helpful than photos of other people’s tattoos. We can also choose a flash piece at the appointment from my physical flash books.

- size range

- placement ideas (if you don’t know yet that’s fine too)

- budget

- date range


 Currently my books are open for Montreal for the coming months. You can view all my current flash on my instagram page @horseforest (it is useful as a portfolio).

I will require a $80 deposit to reserve your appointment only after we decide on a date and time.  The deposit is non-refundable, and I require 48 hours notice to reschedule.


I am happy to do multiple tattoos in a session and charge per piece rather than hourly. Depending on size my tattoos range from $160-$350 per piece. I have some flexibility for marginalized people if you have a limited budget - let me know by email if this is the case.


Aftercare: Remove Ultraderm after 3-5 days (best to do in the shower), use unscented moisturizer once a day as needed. Do not immerse in water.

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