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ANTHRACITE COLLECTIVE in short, is a not-for-profit research body dedicated to exploring, indexing, and understanding arts, crafts, and other creative exploration that materializes through the conduit of the human mind.


To expand further on this, the collective was first formulated by non-conforming outsiders, the absolute fringe of society (in mind, body, and philosophy), as a refuge for their art and to initiate the slow process of disconnecting from the dystopian influence and control of social media. It now seeks to grow a borderless network that represents collaborators with shared aesthetics and objectives. Though much of their work is underground, the intent is to sow seeds that renew appreciation of the beauty in dark ambiance, decrepit industrial complexes, forgotten places, of both natural and unnatural curiosities, and also in ecological renewal. Their art takes many forms, including but not limited to alchemy, illustration, tattoos, paintings, song, poetry, textiles, and other crafts.


/ N E x U S is an archive that lists the keepers of secret knowledge, stewards of the gateways to occult realms that lie under the veneer of crumbling ruins, and guides to a world of shadowed figures, potent rituals, and gardens of unearthly delights. They peer beyond the veil, the pale, and the void, and seek to recreate the imagery, scents, and sounds that they observe.


These are creative artisans, artists, technopagans, renegades, witches, and ravers. As such, you may cross paths with them in the underground scenes of cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Berlin, Helsinki, Stockholm, Warsaw, London, and Tokyo among many others.


Listing in / N E x U S is by invite only, and all artists have given their consent to be listed. It is an archival project to retain information about artists on the fringe, with present day avant-garde projects. 


Jupiter + Euphemia




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